Printed on cardboard bags, foil gilding printing, gilded cardboard bags, gilded cardboard bags, gilded cardboard bags, glazed cardboard bags, embossed cardboard bags, embossed printed cardboard bags it is made.

Raw cloth is the name given to untreated fabrics. It is woven from 100% cotton yarn. Environmentally friendly raw cloth fabrics produced according to recycling are 100% organic. Hambez fabric, textile fibers, smooth surface and unchanging thickness of a thin texture to form a structure that is formed by all kinds of building. The material that will form the product in textile is the fabric. Fabric characteristics; The raw material of the yarns forming the fabric is determined by the yarn, type, number and twist, fabric size, weight, yarn frequencies, color and pattern parameters. The most outstanding product of the promotional sector is raw cloth, cloth bag, pouch, bag and so on. used in construction.

Cloth bag and cloth bag, pouch manufacture Manufacture of cloth sacks and cereal sacks Manufacture of canvas fabric for painting and oil painting work Machine parts cleaning cloth Lining in dark colored home textile products Seat sets are used for the bottom surface lining.

It is an advertising tool with a wide design area and available in different sizes and weights made from paper for hand transportation. Carton bags are manufactured in different ways by the companies. Generally shoe stores, jewelers, souvenir shops, clothing stores, trade fair promotion companies are used.

Cardboard bags are produced with different weight and different types of paper, paper cardboard, kraft paper, coated paper and stretched recycled paper.

Cardboard Bag Models; Exhibition bag, boutique bags, shoe bags, advertising bags, picture printed cardboard bags, gift cardboard bags and promotional cardboard bags.